Community Supported Agriculture

Green Heart Garden

Green Heart Garden is owned and lovingly tilled by Jessica Park and Tony Kimbro. The couple met in 2017 and joined forces to make both of their farming dreams come true! Their collective love of the outdoors, Mother Nature, and sustainable farming practices brought them to the life-changing decision to ditch the day-to-day office bustle and dig into the small farm life. “But what kind of farm?“ was the next big question.

After witnessing the effects that very large agricultural systems are having on the environment, Park and Kimbro began researching more ecologically friendly ways to grow food. In their search for their perfect farming method, they found many successful farmers growing an abundance of fresh produce on less than five acres, with little to no machinery.

“Huzzah!” they both proclaimed, “Everybody needs to eat, and with an ever-growing population of humans, small local farms are very important. We shall farm on a small farm, with little to no farming equipment, but bring forth much bounty.” So they did, and it was good.

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