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Green Heart Garden

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Green Heart Garden is lovingly tended by Tony and JP. We founded our human scale farm in 2019 with the dream of providing local and healthy produce to our friends, family and neighbors, our community. We are proud members of the small farm renaissance and we hope to help grow a healthy future through a direct relationship with the Earth. We strongly believe in viewing the ecosystem as a whole with humans being a part of that whole. We strive to implement practices that are ecologically sustainable and biodiverse whilst providing nutrient dense, high quality local produce to the community. Our gardens are the heart of Green Heart Garden. Neighbors provide the space for us to grow and we grow produce for our neighbors. We currently grow on three small plots of land in the West Portland area. We recognize that we are growing on the ancestral lands of the Kalapuya people and the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. We strive to relate to this land in a compassionate and respectful manner.

Green Heart Garden supports Black Lives Matter Green Heart Garden is a LGBTQ+ ally
Gardening Books We Regularly Reference
Green Heart Garden recommends Eliot Coleman's The New Organic Grower Green Heart Garden recommends The No-Till Organic Vegetable Farm Green Heart Garden recommends Compact Farms Green Heart Garden recommends The Market Gardener Green Heart Garden recommends The Regenerative Grower's Guide To Garden Amendments Green Heart Garden recommends Maritime Northwest Garden Guide

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